Is it Real???

Neither do you understand,

Nor do you play your part,
Or handle the thin line of a relationship,
Is what you are bothered with.
Is it that you do not?
Or is it that people do not understand you?
Can it be that others see the physically seen,
and not the deep side of your self,
something which is experienced and seen just by you.
How do you explain or understand
whether it is you who are at fault
or its just that you unintentionally act so?
It is all so frustrating and confusing,
Leaving you clueless to your surroundings.
Does it make sense, the things and people around you,
are they real or just some fake conception?
Can you really change or do you really want to change the way you are?
Is it possible that you are right,
but you just appear indifferent to people?
Or are they correct and you do need to change?
You are lost and do not know what to do.
Is it going to affect your loved one?
Will changing yourself really help?
Or it will only add to the burden?
Are people going to be able to change their perceptions about you?
Or are they going to get worst?
You just have a lot of questions,
the answers to which, you are hoping to find.