The Morning Coffee!

I’m sure everyone gets their morning coffees at the office. I get them too. In fact we get them twice a day! But I’m glad my morning coffee at the office is not my first one of the day. I, despite not sure of how it’s going to turn out (taste-wise), wait for it. And when it does arrive, the aroma is just so amazing. It makes me want to drink it only that much more. When I do take a sip, after letting it become tolerable hot for my tongue, my reaction is ‘blech’ almost 80 to 90 percent of the times. I can’t even describe the taste it’s so weird. I don’t know how my colleagues tolerate it. And me being a person who does not like to throw away food and stuff, just gulp it down.

The worst part is that the next day I’ll still await the ‘Morning Coffee’! In hopes that today it’ll be better, and sometimes it is! But I’ve just never been able to work out the courage for that second one. No offence to the aged person who makes it. In fact, hats off to him, coz he roams around on three floors to give us all our morning coffees.

Any such morning coffee disasters for you folks out there?? I’m sure I would love to read and have a good laugh!

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